We provide a full line of competitively priced quality egg products including:

Beets Eggs Hard-Cooked Eggs – Brine and Modified Atmosphere Packed
Make salad and recipe preparation easier with handy hard-cooked eggs in a variety of packaging options. From deviled eggs to casseroles, starting with peeled, ready-to-eat eggs is an excellent time saver.
Cobb Salad IQF Diced Hard-Cooked Eggs
Quickly and easily create the perfect egg salad sandwich or chef salad with conveniently packaged diced hard-cooked eggs.
French Toast

Extended Shelf-Life Liquid Egg Products
Liquid egg products offer the convenience of traditional eggs, without the mess. Great for use in omelettes, French toast and many of your favorite recipes.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Egg Mixes – Liquid and Frozen
Breakfast just got even better with liquid and frozen scrambled egg mixes. These conveniently packaged mixes come ready for the griddle.

Omlette Low Cholesterol Products
To improve the nutritional profile of your recipes, consider low cholesterol products. Great tasting and great for you!

Pre-Cooked Egg Patties, Omelettes and Scrambled Eggs
Cut time, not quality, with our full line of pre-cooked egg products including egg patties, omelettes and scrambled eggs. Perfect for any busy kitchen.

    Almark Foods offers a variety of packaging options for each product listed above.

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